A Modern Fairy Tale, Part 7

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Brooke ran toward Adam, screaming, and he scooped her up in a huge hug! The wait was over; they had finally met!! After a few whispers, they headed toward the luggage carousel to retrieve Adam's bag.

Jen sat quietly and watched from afar. She smiled to herself as she watched Adam "gaze" at Brooke. He literally could not take his eyes off her. They chatted quietly, talking about who knows what, while they waited for Adam's suitcase. Then it was off to Brooke's house. The "real adventure" was about to begin.

The next few days flew by way too quickly. They were filled with trips to Gettysburg, the Baltimore Aquarium, and Brooke's "special date" to
The Melting Pot. Adam had done his homework. He worked at The Melting Pot in Indianapolis and had taken special care to call the restaurant in Maryland and ask about all the ingredients they used to make sure Brooke would not have an allergic reaction. They enjoyed an amazing night out on the town! And the talk of marriage began almost immediately. In fact, one night when Jeff and Jen and Brooke and Adam were out to dinner, Adam was bold enough to tell Jen "Mrs. VeStrand, I hope I'm not being too forward but if things keep going like they are, I don't want to wait four years to marry your daughter!" This was a man who knew what he wanted! He had even survived the annual amusement park outing with Jen's family (all of 23 of them!!), and he still wanted to be part of the craziness! :-)

At Baltimore Aquarium, July 2010

But, as we know, all good things must come to an end, and Adam's day of departure came all too quickly. Oh, the tears! They wouldn't see each other for six weeks; how would they survive? After they got Adam safely on the plane headed back to Indy, the VeStrands headed to Pennsylvania to visit Jen's sister. It was supposed to be a happy time, but Brooke was far from happy. She moped. She pouted. She tearily texted Adam. She called him and sobbed. Amy was seeing the same behavior in Indianapolis. Adam wandered around aimlessly, like he had no purpose. He answered teary texts and sobbing phone calls. And, within 24 hours, like all good young lovers who are forced to be apart, they had hatched a plan to be together.

They couldn't wait six more weeks to see each other at college so they were going to pool their limited resources and buy Brooke a ticket to fly to Indy in early August. They had it all worked out, right down to Adam calling Jeff and asking his permission for Brooke to visit (Smart boy, that Adam!).

But, when Jen and Jeff got wind of their scheme, they decided to have a little fun with it. You see, Jeff and Jen had already decided they were going to surprise Brooke with an airline ticket to Indianapolis for her birthday. So when, the kids made their own plans and spoiled Jeff and Jen's surprise, they decided to have a little fun with it. Jen worked behind the scenes with Amy and Steve, and they decided that the four parents would tell Brooke and Adam that they needed to have a "meeting" via Skype. They didn't tell Brooke and Adam what the meeting would be about, just that they wanted the four of them to talk.

Needless to say, Brooke and Adam were less than thrilled. They had visions of all kinds of terrible news being delivered. Adam was sure they were going to tell him that they couldn't talk until they got to school. Brooke, knowing her dad, wasn't quite sure what to think, but she knew enough to be nervous-very nervous!

Finally, the night came. And the "joke" could not have gone better! As they sat down to Skype together, Jeff began with prayer. The prayer, of course, was heartfelt and serious, but the looks on Adam and Brooke's faces were priceless. They could not imagine what was going on! After praying, Jeff told the kids that, as parents, they weren't sure about how quickly things seemed to be moving between Brooke and Adam so he had written up a "dating contract" that he and Jen and Steve and Amy had agreed on. Steve and Amy had a copy for Adam and he had one for Brooke in Maryland. He asked them to read it over, then told them they would discuss it, answer any questions, and ask them to sign it.

What Brooke and Adam didn't know was that the "dating contract" was really a copy of Brooke's flight itinerary to Indianapolis in early August!!! As they opened the papers and began reading, the screams of joy and heavy sighs of relief came quickly! And Jen has always regretted not getting a screen shot of those priceless moments!

And so another countdown began. Brooke headed to Indy just three weeks later and spent time with Adam and his family swimming and eating out and meeting Adam's high school and church friends, even taking a ride around the neighborhood on his motorcycle! Life was good! And just ten days after Brooke returned home, they headed to college, where things only moved faster and got even more interesting!


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