A Modern Fairy Tale, Part 2

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The years flew by quickly.  Jen graduated from college and worked as an editor for three years while Jeff attended seminary.  They moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and decided, in the fall of 1991, that it was time to start their family.  Meanwhile, in Indianapolis, Steve continued to work as an accountant while Amy enjoyed teaching.  They bought their first home and started their family as well.  During this time, Jeff and Jen visited Indianapolis frequently to see dear college friends, Rob and Kim Thomson, who lived there.  Occasionally, Rob would mention Steve, who he had known at Cedarville and now worked with at the same accounting firm.  Jen remembered Amy fondly and wondered how she was doing. 

God chose to bless both couples with children and, on November 4, 1991, Steve and Amy welcomed Adam Harris.  Of course, he was perfect.  And they were overjoyed.  On July 28, 1992, Jen and Jeff welcomed Brooke Ashleigh.  She was also perfect.  And they were overjoyed.  And, just three weeks after Brooke was born, God blessed friends Kim and Rob with a beautiful daughter they named Rachel.  Kim and Jen began to make many trips between Indy and Grand Rapids as their girls grew.  They tooled all over Indianapolis shopping and chatting and spending glorious days together having a grand time and making wonderful memories.

As the years went by, Adam and Brooke grew healthy and happy.  In Indianapolis, Adam enjoyed baseball and became an excellent pitcher and third baseman.  He also became an accomplished trumpet player and a master of numerous video games.  He loved all things Pokemon-especially the movie-and gained a love of motorcycles from his dad.  When he wasn't spending time with his friends, he was saving lives as a lifeguard at church camp and also enjoying fun trips with his family.

Brooke grew up in various places-Pennsylvania, Michigan, and, eventually, Maryland.  She, too, grew healthy and happy.  She was outgoing and fun-loving and never lacked for friends or activities.  She also had a most beautiful singing voice and sang her first solo in church when she was just five years old.  She loved all things Polly Pocket and read voraciously. She also loved to act and was very involved in her church youth group.

During these years, both Steve and Amy and Jeff and Jen prayed regularly for the people their children would one day marry.  They had each been blessed with godly spouses and wanted the same for Adam and Brooke.  They were active in their children's lives and careful about friendships and relationships with the opposite sex.  Purity was taken seriously and dealt with openly in their homes.  They prayed that God would reveal his perfect plan in his perfect timing for their children.

Meanwhile, neither couple thought much, if ever, about their college friends.  Over the years, they may have passed one another at Cedarville homecoming or read about a particular milestone in the alumni newsletter but, other than that, they went on with their lives.  Until the summer of 2007.

To be continued.......


Goosegirl said...

Yay for part 2!.......part 3 please!

Julie said...

Me too...can't wait to read more!

Jill said...

Can't wait for Part 3! Love this Fairy Tale!

Gina Ulfa said...

very good
Gejala Stroke

Gina Ulfa said...

very good
Gejala Stroke