A Modern Fairy Tale, Part 3

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It was a hot, hot, hot weekday afternoon.  Jen was hot and bored.  She needed something to do.  She had heard a lot of people talking about this social networking site called Facebook.  Up until now, she had resisted, knowing she didn't need another thing to compel her toward the computer and questioning the usefulness of such a thing anyway.  

But curiosity and boredom won out that hot summer afternoon, and Jen signed up for a Facebook account.  She was hooked.  That afternoon she sat at the table for several hours, randomly searching for people she knew who might be willing to accept her "friend request".  As she was searching, she stumbled upon a girl named "Amy Joslin Terpstra".  It was Amy-the same Amy who had helped Jen deal with the roommate from hell many years earlier!!  Jen was thrilled and quickly sent off a friend request.  Amy responded almost immediately and, in so doing, became one of Jen's very first Facebook friends.

Amy and Jen caught up as much as distant friends can catch up via Facebook.  Jen saw that Amy still lived in Indianapolis, that she had two beautiful kids, and that she was a piano teacher.  But they rarely, if ever, interacted personally, other than occasional comments on each other's postings.  

Then, in August, 2009, a particular posting of Jen's caught Amy's eye.  Jen's daughter, Brooke, had sung The Climb in church that weekend, and Jen posted a video of her performance on Facebook.  Curious, Amy clicked on the video, and as she sat and listened, her son, Adam, happened to walk through the room.  He was immediately intrigued, both by Brooke's voice and her looks, and asked Amy who was singing?  Amy answered nonchalantly that it was the daughter of a friend from college and that she was considering going to Cedarville, a school that Adam was also considering, although not very willingly.  Adam responded quickly "Hmmm....I'm gonna marry that girl!"

And this is where things get very, very interesting..........


Kerry said...

This is cool beyond cool... I love it!!! Jen, I always like reading what you write, but this story is sooooo neat!

Gina Ulfa said...

very good
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