A Modern Fairy Tale, Part 4

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It was the winter of 2010.  That year, eastern Maryland had two wonderful, terrific, amazing blizzards within ten days of each other and, since Jen and Amy shared a love of snow, they had been chatting back and forth on Facebook as Jen posted pictures of the glorious weather.  As they chatted, they also talked about how Brooke and Adam had both been accepted to Cedarville (now) University and that they should connect via the Facebook group for the CU Class of 2014.  This way, they would know somebody when they landed on campus that fall.  

You see, Amy had been working a brilliant plan for a while.  Initially, Adam was not the least bit interested in attending Cedarville.  He had his sights set on Indiana University and wasn't easily swayed.  However, Amy and Steve insisted that he at least visit campus before he made his final decision.  By the time he graduated from high school, he was Cedarville-bound!

Interestingly enough, Brooke felt much the same way before she visited Cedarville.  In fact, the day before Jeff and Jen took her to Ohio to visit the school, she told Jen "I don't see why we're even doing this.  I am NOT going to Cedarville."  Yet, after their visit to campus, she had changed her mind!  

And so Amy worked her plan.  In fact, Adam seeing Brooke's singing video was all part of Amy's scheme to prove to him that it WAS possible to find a cute, christian girl at Cedarville!  A few months after Adam saw the video in November 2009, just after he had broken up with his then girlfriend, Amy wrote in the journal she had been keeping for Adam "Don't worry.  God knows the girl who will be your wife.  Remember, you already said you were going to marry Brooke VeStrand, the girl from Pennsylvania (Maryland)."  And, throughout the remainder of the school year, as Jen and Amy talked on Facebook, Amy would tease Adam that she had chatted with his future mother-in-law that day, and Adam would ask how Jen was doing!  Once he even said "I really should meet Brooke sometime!"

Fast forward to early 2010 - Jen mentioned to Brooke several times that she should send Adam a friend request, and Amy suggested the same to Adam.  However, in true gentlemanly fashion, Adam thought it would be too forward for him to contact Brooke so he decided to wait and see if she sent him a request.  Sure enough, after much prompting, Brooke sent Adam a friend request in late February.  Adam immediately accepted but, as both of them were busy finishing up their senior years, etc., that was as far as it went.  

Until May.  Brooke was having a particularly emotional day, feeling sad about finishing high school, leaving her friends, going far away to school where she didn't know anyone, etc.  Jen again suggested that Brooke contact some people she knew who were also heading to Cedarville.  She reminded Brooke that several of her elementary school friends from Michigan were going, and, of course, there was also Adam Terpstra.  Brooke decided to take her mom's advice and, on May 27, 2010, unbeknownst to her parents, she sent Adam a note via Facebook.  She introduced herself, said she was also going to Cedarville, and just wanted to say hi so that they would kinda know each other before they hit campus in late August.  Adam responded immediately.

To be continued............