A Modern Fairy Tale, Part 5

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[Correction from A Modern Fairy Tale, Part 4: Apparently, Adam wasn't as "gentlemanly" as Jen thought. Instead, he was motivated. Adam contacted Brooke first on Facebook, not the other way around. ]


As inevitably happened in those days, cell phone numbers were shared via Facebook, and the texting began. Jen and Jeff and Steve and Amy were even more grateful for the unlimited texting plans they had wisely chosen for their eldest children. Adam and Brooke texted during school, church, parties, and work. Brooke even texted Adam throughout her entire high school graduation party.

Then, one afternoon as Jen was working on the computer, Brooke walked in from work and said "Mom, guess who I have a phone date with tonight?" Looking back, it's a bit unbelievable that Jen did not immediately guess Adam, but she mentioned several people before Brooke said "Mom! It's Adam Terpstra!"

And so it happened. Nearly twenty-two years after their parents had been friends in college and less than four weeks after their initial Facebook contact, Brooke and Adam were finally going to talk! That first chat lasted about three hours; in fact, around 1 a.m., Jen had to give Brooke the evil eye and tell her they had chatted long enough!

And that was just the beginning. Suddenly, Brooke was rushing home from work every evening, heading straight to her room to make sure she didn't miss Adam's calls. They talked for hours about everything; Jen and Jeff had a hard time figuring out exactly how they kept finding things to talk about! In Indiana, Adam was spending much more time at home on the phone rather than out with his friends.

And then the rumblings began-in both Indiana and Maryland. At first they were barely heard and few and far between. But gradually, they grew louder and more frequent, from both Adam and Brooke. "Mom, we are NOT waiting until August to meet each other. That will be so awkward to get to college and meet him for the first time." Amy was hearing the same thing on her end "Mom, I need to meet her. I practically know her anyway. I have to see her before August."

Both Jeff and Jen and Amy and Steve said "No way! You can wait." After all, there were thousands of reasons why they would never allow this.

Do these kids think we're crazy?
We haven't seen them in more than twenty years!
Who knows what their home is like?
Brooke could be a total psycho!
Adam could be an axe murderer!

Then, one day, quite randomly, Amy mentioned that Adam's aunt and uncle were coming for a visit, and maybe Adam could catch a ride east with them when they returned home. However, Amy didn't realize that Adam's aunt and uncle lived quite far from Maryland, and that plan would never work. But that didn't matter. The seed had been planted. There was no turning back now.

Brooke and Adam planned, connived, schemed, manipulated and finally resorted to out-and-out begging. And, Jeff and Jen and Amy and Steve, worn down by the incessant nagging, started to reconsider.

On Father's Day, June 20, 2010, Jeff and Jen and the kids went to Bob Evans for lunch after church. They were having a lovely family dinner while Brooke was, of course, texting Adam. Suddenly, Brooke said "Can Adam fly out here in July?" The table went silent. Jeff looked at Jen. Jen looked at Jeff. Their looks said the exact same thing "Now what do we do?"


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