A Modern Fairy Tale, Part 6

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Oh, the dilemma! Should Jeff and Jen let this boy they had never met fly to Maryland to meet their daughter? Should Steve and Amy put their only son a plane headed toward a place he had never been and people he didn't even know? But it soon became clear that all of those questions didn't really matter. Adam and Brooke would not give up. And so their parents relented. Adam was coming to Maryland in July.

Later that evening, for the first time in more than twenty-three years, Amy and Jen had a long chat on the phone!! They decided on dates for Adam's trip and talked at length about how this whole relationship had happened and how unbelievable it had been! As they were talking in yet another ironic twist, Amy asked Jen what church they attended. When Jen told her, Amy realized that it was THE VERY SAME CHURCH that Amy's best friend's daughter attended! In fact, her friend's daughter, Emily, had been Adam's babysitter when he was young. She was now married--to the nephew of the people Jen began working for just a few months later!!!-and living in Maryland, and attending the same church as the VeStrands! Emily's husband, Tim, even sang on the worship team with Jeff! Needless to say, Emily was very excited about this whole blossoming relationship! :-)

But before any final travel reservations could be made, Adam had to make it past "Mr. VeStrand". You see, Jeff and Jen had always had a firm rule that any boy who wanted to take Brooke on a date must call and ask her dad's permission first. And, in spite of her protests, Brooke knew this step wasn't optional. (Her dad always told her this step was necessary to weed out the "riff raff". He reasoned that any boy worth his salt would have no objections to calling.) So Adam had to make that call. And he didn't waste any time! The very next night he called Jeff and asked if he could come to Maryland to meet/visit Brooke. In spite of some reservations about how quickly things seemed to be moving along, Jeff had a "certain feeling" about Adam, and after they had chatted for a while, Jeff gave his permission for Adam to visit.

So the countdown began. Every day on Facebook Brooke informed her friends how many days were left until Adam's arrival. They drove their families crazy with the excitement and anticipation of their upcoming meeting. Much thought was put into what they would do, where they would go, what they would wear, and all those other very important things! Both sets of parents noticed a definite upswing in the moods and general demeanor of their children. It was fun to see them so excited and happy!

While Brooke was walking on air, Adam was busy planning a few surprises. One day, Jen got a sweet email from him. His first question was what Jeff and Jen would like him to call them. His second question was what restaurants were nearby because he was planning a special evening out for Brooke. His third question was requesting details about her various and sundry food allergies (of which there were many!) because he didn't want to take her anywhere for dinner that might cause an allergic reaction. His note was very thoughtful; it was obvious Steve and Amy had trained him well!

Then THE day arrived. Brooke was up at the crack of dawn getting ready! They were to pick Adam up at the Baltimore airport at around 11 a.m., and time couldn't go fast enough. As they headed toward BWI in the pouring rain, Brooke was feeling excited and a little nervous. Jen wasn't quite sure what to think. (Although her thoughts may have been a bit clouded by the smell of the Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber shower gel, lotion, and perfume that Brooke had dipped herself in before they left. Ahem....)

Finally, they made it to the airport and found the gate where Adam would arrive. Then all that was left to do was wait. Jen could hardly stand it. She and Amy were texting furiously. Amy had been following Adam's flight on the internet and was keeping Jen updated. Jen was trying to figure out how she could video the meeting without Brooke and Adam knowing (since they had expressly forbidden any video recordings or pictures). Brooke paced then sat. Then she paced again. After a long six weeks, the last few minutes were the very longest.

Then they heard the announcement that Adam's plane had landed. After what seemed like forever, passengers started disembarking and walking down the ramp toward the baggage claim where Jen and Brooke were waiting. Businessmen in suits. Moms pushing strollers. Elderly couples eager to see their grandchildren. But no Adam. So they waited. And waited. Then, around the corner, came a tall, blond, very handsome young many carrying a red rose and wearing a blue shirt. Jen saw him first. "Brooke, there he is." she whispered. "Where?" Brooke asked. At first, she didn't see him. Then, all of sudden, their eyes met. Brooke threw her purse on the floor and took off running toward him, screaming as she ran.

Nearly twenty-three years after their parents had been college friends, nearly one year after he had first laid eyes on a video of her singing, nearly five months after he had friend-requested her on Facebook, and just four weeks after their first phone call, Brooke and Adam were finally going to meet face-to-face!


Carla said...

I totally remember the fb countdown of July 2010! Since Brooke didn't say exactly what she was counting down, it was all very mysterious to those of us who weren't in the "know". How great is it that these very cool details will be captured for posterity on fb as well as your blog! I just love this story! :)

Erin Runkles said...

Oh my gosh! This really is just like a fairy tale! I'm all teary-eyed just reading it and can't believe it's a true story! Thanks for sharing, Jen. I'm so excited for all of you!

Gina Ulfa said...

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