Good, clean family fun!

Friday is Jeff's day off. We had some free time this afternoon (not sure how THAT happened!) so we decided to watch a DVD together. We belong to blockbuster.com, and we've had a Mark Lowry video sitting in our entertainment center for about three weeks now and haven't managed to find the time to watch it. We were hoping to enjoy it with the kids but, of course, as soon as we announced it was a christian comedian and would include no car chases, animals blowing each other up with Acme products, or talking sponges, they mysteriously found other things to do.

So Jeff and I settled in on the couch and started the DVD. Within minutes we were laughing hysterically and, lo and behold, the children began to trickle in. Slowly but surely they came, and soon we were all laughing hysterically at Mark and his antics with Bill Gaither over the years. The kids didn't even get all the jokes but they laughed right along with us and stayed until the end! Sawyer even declined to play with the neighbor so he could watch. And, as I type, Payton is singing one of Mark's spoof songs at the top of his lungs!! (Mark's spoofs of christian contemporary songs are hilarious!)

It was refreshing to laugh together as a family and not have to fast forward through any questionable commercials, censor any bad language, or explain any crude story lines! I highly recommend Mark Lowry. He was a hit in our house! Now, I'm off to half.com to purchase some of those DVDs for myself!

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Anonymous said...

When I have free time with my husband, we aren't watching videos...if you know what I mean (wink, wink)