Happy Birthday Jeff!

Today is Jeff's __nd birthday. (He's a little sensitive about his age so I will respect his wishes and not tell you exactly how old he is.) He's actually away at a worship conference having a great time so we did our celebrating earlier this week. Happy Birthday Jeff and daddy! We love you!


stephanie said...

happy birthday jeff!!
love, bruce and steph
WE know how old you are!!

TheBeckers said...

I, too, know how old you are and it really isn't old....trust me.
Love, Nancy, Bud, Janelle & Kristen

Beckyb said...

It better not be old or we are OLD TOO!!!! :) Happy Birthday, Jeff!
The Bilby's

Mom (jen's) said...

Sorry, I didn't get to talk to you in person Jeff, but Happy Birthday. I know how old you are too, because I know how long I have been married. Mre than one good thing happened that year. Hope your day was good.

Lisa Sterkenburg said...

Well it ain't too hard to figure out with the clue (__nd) Jen left. Only one number can be anything __nd. So, HAPPY __ND BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Adam said...

I think I would prefer his picture from the church website. Could you use that one next year?

Happy Birthday, Jeff.