Well, in spite of spritzy rain and drizzle for the entire day, our garage sale was a big success! And, after counting all the change and a sale late last night (to a family in our home group!), we made almost $400!

My sister and I were up at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, setting up all the stuff and getting organized. Although the ad in the paper said we would open at 8:00, we had our first shopper at 7:10! And he bought a couple things, so that was fine!

We battled rain and cold all morning but the cookies and lemonade were a hit (mostly thanks to Taylor's expert salesmanship!), and fun was had by all! In the pictures below, you can see Taylor and Sydney working hard on the cookies on Friday night and then all the neighborhood kids "manning" the stand during the sale.

However, even though we did great, we still have LOTS of "junque" out there! So we left it all set up in the garage and will give it one more try this Saturday. The local Jaycees club is having a community yard sale at the fairgrounds, which are about a quarter mile down the road, so we will use some strategically placed signs and hope that "if you organize it, they will come"!

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