License to......scratch?

We got the letter that every parent dreads today. Actually it's the second one we've gotten this year. To me, it's just about the worst school letter there is; it's the one that starts out by saying "A student in your child's class has head lice."

And so after I took some Benadryl for my hives, we went through my usual inquisition upon receiving letters of this type, which thankfully we don't receive very often. I hauled everyone into the kitchen (since the paper was on the kitchen floor and no one remembered actually putting it into their backpack!), lined them all up, and asked my questions, all the while trying NOT to be too obvious about staring at their adorable heads of hair, scanning rapidly for any signs of "lice life" and trying not to jump if one of them reached up to scratch anything above the shoulders.

After my rapid-fire questions, it was apparent that no one had anyone missing from school today and the nurse didn't come in and go through all their hair, which is the typical procedure. So, I'm not at all sure what is going on, but I do know I don't want lice at the VeStrands. I finished up with my "don't share a hat, don't share a comb, don't hug anyone at school" speech and sent them on their way.

At dinner, we were sharing with Jeff about our day and the infamous "lice letter" came up in the conversation. We were all talking about lice and how gross they were and how we didn't want lice and speculating once again about who exactly may actually have lice, when Sawyer decided to join in our discussion. Innocent as anything, he says "Mom, I thought lice were good. Doesn't everybody want to get their lice-ense?"

Oh to be seven again!


Adam said...

There ain't no bugs on me, there ain't no bugs on me. There might be bugs on Sawyer and Payton, but there ain't no bugs on me.

Jen said...

That's because---

"There ain't no here on you, there ain't no hair on you. There's hair for sure on Sawyer and Payton, but there ain't no hair on you."

Reb said...

Adam, you walked right into that one!