From the pen of Payton

Payton completed this creative writing assignment in school recently. He got a 95 on it so I assume his teacher was impressed. I am again left wondering what really goes on in that boy's brain??

I have a fantasy friend. His name is V.M.P.,
which is short for Vampire.
He is red with blue, green, and red wings.
He's a very fat vampire and he's cranky.
He also has a huge afro--it's blue!

V.M.P. is my friend because he protects me.
I met him in a cave when I was hiking.
He was in a coffin. I like to play soccer and football with him.

He works at a tanning salon. That's weird,
a vampire that works at a tanning salon.
Anyway, he loves his job, and I love him!

You'll have to excuse the picture. Oddly enough, I couldn't find a picture of a fat, winged vampire with a blue afro!


stephanie said...

uh...I think you need to move away from the CEMETARY!

Jen said...

Yeah right! Like we could afford to move anywhere around here! :-)

Beckyb said...

Hey - I think it's creative and I work in a library!!! I'd have given him a 100!!!!

Beckyb said...

Hey did you switch to Beta??? I didn't have to log in the old way!!

Jen said...

Yes, I did switch! Not sure if I like it yet but it gives me more options for blogging.