Out of the mouths of babes......

October was "Pastor Appreciation" month, and we were blessed with many gift cards from different groups and families in our church. We decided tonight would be a good night to use a few of them, and so we had dinner at Friday's (a BIG treat for us!) and then took the kids to see "Flushed Away". (It was cute.)

As we were sitting there munching popcorn and milk duds, waiting for the movie to start, I leaned over and told Payton that I loved him. Without a moment's hesitation or even a sideways glance, my sweet oldest son said "Yep, what's not to love?" I'm thinking we need to dig out that Bill Gothard "Character Sketches" book and work on some humility.

Shortly thereafter, as we were watching the movie, which must have been boring at that point, Payton leaned over and said "Mom, what's black and white and red all over?" I shrugged, and he said "A nun in a blender." What really DOES go on in that brain of his?

This very same boy (who just yesterday made our sweet carpooling companion cry all the way to school by pulling out her hair ribbons and tossing them in the back of the van) asked me as I was tucking him into bed "Mom, why did God let Adam and Eve sin? If he is God and he hates sin, why didn't he stop them"? I deferred that one to his pastor-father and kissed him goodnight quickly!

All of this is surpassed only by my completely innocent and entirely naive youngest son recently asking me "Mom, when will MY nipples get fluffy?" Where was his pastor-father at THAT moment? Thankfully, he was satisfied with a very brief anatomy lesson, and he went back to his Nintendo.

As always, never a dull moment at the VeStrands!!

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