The Point???

Showing my age here, but Jeff and I are big Wayne Watson fans. I think, for us, it's mostly a matter of good memories. The summer we went to Australia and fell in love, "Watercolor Ponies" had just been released. We spent many hours listening to that album. At Cedarville the next year, it was constantly playing in my unit or blaring on our car stereos.

As with most things, as I've gotten older (and maybe wiser), I have come to appreciate the lyrics and meanings to these songs much more than I ever did as a carefree college student. Two weeks ago, as I was coming home from one of my many trips to deliver kids, I popped in "Home Free" (the album after "Watercolor Ponies") and started singing along.

Soon there were tears running down my cheeks (as I get older, I get sappier too!). It occurred to me as I was singing this song with Wayne that if only I could really, truly grasp the meaning of these words and really, truly "hate all that you despise and love the things you love", and then really, truly impart that to my children, maybe just maybe, I would have gotten the whole point.........

The Things God Loves

I'll be a friend to You
Move as the Spirit moves
Dance unrestrained with joy
Or welcome crying eyes

Bless as I have been blessed
Hunger for righteousness
Love all the things You love
And hate what You despise

Oh God, let what breaks Your heart
Likewise to me impart
Sadness and sympathy
Still with hope not too far removed

May what brings a smile to You
Make my heart lighter too
Hate all that You despise
And love the things You love

May all that brings me pleasure here
Please you Lord above
Hate all that You despise
And love the things You love

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