What about Bob?

The elections this year have been the stimulus for many interesting and educational discussions in our house. Jeff and I follow politics fairly closely and listen to all the radio talk show hosts (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham) so the kids hear us talking about those things all the time.

Sawyer has been particularly interested in the Maryland gubernatorial election, for some reason. He came home and told me the other day that our neighbors (staunch democrats) were voting for "Kevin" and asked who we were voting for? I told him we were voting for "Bob" (our current Republican governor, Bob Ehrlich) and that has stuck in his mind. When he got in the van after school today, the first thing he asked was "Did you vote mom?" And all evening, as we've been checking Fox News, he has been popping in and asking "Did Bob win mom?" He is disappointed that he will have to wait until the morning (at least!) to find out if "Bob" won!

Like most of you, our area has been inundated with election signs, commercials, and radio ads. Over the weekend, as we were driving around town, Payton said "Mom, who would name their kid O'Malley?" Stifling a giggle, I explained that O'Malley was a last name not a first name. Apparently, Payton read the signs that said "O'Malley/Brown" and thought that was one person rather than the democratic candidates for governor and lieutenant governor!

Tonight at dinner, we had a great conversation about living in America and the privilege of voting. It was a good reminder for me that, regardless of how the election turns out, we live in a great country, where we enjoy great privilege and opportunity. And, most of all, we have a powerful God, who holds the future and controls all things. God bless America!


Mom said...

I hope MD makes out better than it looks like PA is going to. Great to know that regardless the Lord IS in control

Tamera said...

We usually take the kids to vote with us - esp. when they were younger - to let them see the process, etc. I remember the year that Bob Dole ran for president - (I think Taylor was 3 or so) it apparentely made a big impression on him because every time we voted thereafter (for several years) going out the door Taylor would mutter "I sure hope Bob Dole wins this time" =)

And, yes, it's good to know that "the heart of the king is in the hand of the LORD"!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder - especially as we watch how things are turning out - the men aren't really in control anyway - ultimately God is!!!!