Early "Merry Christmas" to me!

I know it may seem strange to you but, for a while, I have wanted a refrigerator for our garage. Of course, Jeff didn't see this as nearly the necessity that I deemed it to be, and so a refrigerator was going to have to "fall from the sky" if I was going to get one.

Well, thanks to a good friend from church who works in the construction industry, that's exactly what happened! Heath's company is remodeling a series of apartment buildings and one evening, he casually asked if anyone was looking for a refrigerator--for FREE. Thankfully, my sweet husband spoke right up and said "Jen wants one for our garage." Next thing I knew, Heath was delivering a fridge! I am so excited! It took quite a bit of bleach and LOTS of magic eraser, but it looks good as new, and we plan to enjoy it for many years to come. Thanks Heath!


Beckyb said...

Exactly how we got our freezer - those are blessings, aren't they?!?!? Merry Christmas to you!!!

Adam said...

Jehovah Jireh