Homework Hassles

I have posted repeatedly about how thankful I am that our children attend wonderful christian schools. We are very blessed, and we know that our kids are getting a great education and learning about life in the light of God's word, which is the most important thing.

However, I have to confess, I'm not feeling very thankful after tonight's sixth grade English homework. Sydney had the following assignment. She was to read the short story The Tiger's Heart by Jim Kjelgaard and then complete a "take-home" test, for which she could have assistance from a parent. I have included a sampling of some of the test questions below. Now, I have a BA in English, and I think these are TOUGH! Am I nuts?? If this is sixth grade, what will eighth grade be like? YIKES!!
  1. How does the title relate to the story?
  2. Identify the protagonists in the story?
  3. Give two examples of information the author conveys in the exposition of the story?
  4. Tell how one of the facts from the exposition plays a role in the story as it develops?
  5. Is the conflict in the story internal or external?
  6. Give two examples of rising action in the story.
  7. Give two examples of falling action or resolution in the story. If the falling action or resolution is inferred, state this and give two examples of inferred resolution.
Not surprisingly, I had to define many of these words for Sydney before she could even answer the questions! It was a long night! I'll let you know what grade "we" get on this!

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Beckyb said...

Good grief - I was an English major too and THAT'S scary!!! Hey - guess they are getting a good education OR - YOU ARE!!