Sounds of the Season

Last night, Sydney participated in her second piano recital at an old church in downtown Frederick. Frederick is especially beautiful at Christmas and this church, which is 270 years old, was gorgeous last night!

Sydney did a wonderful job--she played one piece by herself and one holiday piece with her teacher. She has been taking lessons for less than a year and is doing so well! We are very proud of her! Jeff videotaped her performance, and if we can figure out our new video camera and Youtube, we will post it soon!

Sydney playing "Doo Dad Boogie".

Sydney playing "We Three Kings" with her wonderful teacher
and fellow Cedarville-grad, Erin Runkles.

Our future "Chopin" with a cheesy grin!


Adam said...

Way to go, Sydney. I wish I would have known you were playing. I would have been there yelling "Encore"!

Grammy said...

You look beautiful, Sydney, and I'm sure you sounded wonderful. You are doing great with the lessons. Keep it up. Can't wait to see you soon.