Two down, two to go.........

Sorry the blogging has been light. We are out of town visiting family over the holidays. Or at least I think this is sup-posed to be a "holiday". I may as well have pitched a tent at the local Urgent Care Center and the Wal-mart pharmacy.

Matt and Becky stopped at our house last Thursday for a few days before we all headed to Pennsylvania. On Sunday, Spencer ended up in the Urgent Care in Maryland with strep throat. And our overall health and wellness has gone downhill from there.

Since we got to PA on Tuesday morning, I have been to the Urgent Care and the Wal-mart pharmacy twice. Sydney and Payton both have strep throat. Sawyer is holding his own so far, and Brooke went home with Jeff today, so he will have to deal with her. Will the fun never end??

What a way to start 2007! Hope you all are happy and healthy in your parts of the world!


melanie said...

So Sorry girl. We have had illness strike our home too. I am trying to get back at the blogging - check it out. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year...be on the look out for your "New Year's Card". Didn't make it for Christmas cards.

Beckyb said...

I am SO sorry Jen - this Christmas season has been bad for bugs, I think!! I don't know what's worse either - strep or stomach bugs!! Hang in there - I will be praying for the kids (and you too Florence Nightengale!!). Hope you're back on the blogging again at full speed soon!