Friday Fun

It's gray and rainy in Maryland today. So tonight after dinner, we played some games. Jeff taught Payton how to play solitaire (because I had NO idea!), and he won on his first try! We told him that next time we see Grandma VeStrand, he will have to get some pointers. She is the solitaire queen!

Sawyer beat me 2 out of 3 at Uno! He takes his games very seriously!

And speaking of games, this is our new family favorite! Some friends taught us to play over the holidays (Thanks Ferbers!), and we got our own game the next day! We can all play together, and the kids love it. This one is highly recommended by the VeStrands!

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Beckyb said...

And the Bilby's "Amen" to that - we LOVE Apples to Apples too!!! Makes us laugh almost as much as "Faces" - which we love too!!