Our snow day in pictures....

Today was day two off school--and they've already canceled for tomorrow. Jeff and I were both home today too. It's almost 8 p.m. now and they still haven't plowed our cul-de-sac. Thought you might enjoy some of the day's happenings in photos.

Jeff and the kids were outside early this morning shoveling. Now, Jeff is not a complainer but he HATES snow and cold, and he hates to shovel snow even more!

The kids were drafted to help Jeff shovel! Thankfully, they didn't have to
shovel for too long before our kind neighbor came over with his snowblower!!

Sawyer taking a break from helping daddy shovel that heavy/icy snow.

Sawyer had loads of fun sledding with the other boys in the neighborhood!

Payton had a grand time sledding. The snow with an icy "crust" on top was perfect for some slick rides down the graveyard hill. He narrowly missed a gravestone more than once!

Sawyer helped me bake some banana bread for our kind neighbor
who "snowblew" the driveway for us!

Sawyer proudly displaying the finished banana bread,
which was actually a little too "well done" to take to the neighbors. (sshhhh, don't tell)

Sawyer finished up his 100th Day of School project. If you squint real hard
and use your imagination, you can see that it's a large
gummi bear surrounded by 100 candy gummi bears.
(Work with me people!)

Sydney spent quite a bit of time building this K'Nex creation, which,
for my family, is supposed to resemble the "swing ride" at Knoebels!


Mom said...

Looks like everyone had loads of fun. Makes me almost want to go sledding. I can see the swing in the Knex model, Sydney. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sydney,
I think your Knex building was very nice.

Love, Taylor