Quote of the Day

Apparently in first grade right now, they are studying Jacob and Esau. Last night, as we were watching television, Sawyer asked me "Mom, when does Payton get his birthright?" I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly so I asked him to repeat himself. Sure enough, he had asked when Payton would get his birthright?

Stifling a giggle, I asked "Why would you think that Payton is getting a birthright?" "Well, Sawyer said, Esau was the oldest son and he got a birthright, so I want to know when Payton is getting his?"

Now what do I say to that?? Maybe I should have asked if he was planning to steal this imagined birthright, like Jacob did!


Anonymous said...


Very fun!! I will definitely have to make a "date" with this blog! It is fun to have a lot to look at, though, at once. Didn't realize you were Colts fans. You can imagine how fun it's been here!


Beckyb said...

Hey, he's getting something out of Bible Class- that's impressive!!! And taking it literally as well!!!