On to blood work and IVs

Yep, that's right. Brooke is having surgery on her finger next Tuesday. Although the surgeon won't know for sure until she's in there, she feels fairly certain that she will have to put pins in Brooke's finger. Lovely. We've done the "pin thing" before when Payton burned his finger on the treadmill; it's not pleasant, I can assure you.

My only consolation: the doctor said that while waiting all this time wasn't exactly helpful, the treatment would still have been the same.

The above picture is Brooke's "temporary" cast. Makes me wonder what the permanent one will look like?? We'll keep you posted.

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Mom said...

Oh Brooke, Guess that tombstone got you good. I really do not like my hands to hurt. You'll be as good as new soon. I'll see you Tuesday. Love, Grammy