Our new addition..........

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am NOT a dog person. However, I AM a dedicated (and obedient!) employee. So, a few weeks ago, when my boss asked if we would be willing to "dog sit" for a few days while he and his wife were away, I said "Sure!"

So, in addition to four housebound kids (it's snowing like crazy right now!), we have a furry, lovable, 90-pound (yes--90-pound!!) goldendoodle named Webster for the weekend!! And, believe it or not, we are having a blast!

The boys are so excited and are having loads of fun playing fetch and rolling around with Webster. If it weren't for taking him out in the snow and rain, he would be practically perfect!

At first, he followed me everywhere as I'm the only one he's familiar with. (I work out of my boss's home so I see Webster every day.) And I have to say, it's more than a little disconcerting to turn around with an armload of laundry and practically trip over a dog that big!! But now he's familiar with our house and with Jeff and the kids so he's giving me a bit of a break. Tomorrow we even have a "doggy play date" scheduled with our good friends who also have a goldendoodle!

So now, it's official--miracles NEVER cease!

Oh, and mom and dad VeStrand--hope you didn't have a heart attack after I sent that e-mail titled "Grandchild #14"!!! :-) Just kidding, of course! Hope you're enjoying sunny Florida!


Beckyb said...

That is a BIG dog!!! Enjoy!! He looks fun! And yes, you are a good employee!

Adam said...

Is there a dog in your future?

Jen said...

Only if he comes house trained, at least 2 years old, sleeping through the night, and with a disposition like Websters!