Summer Snacks

Even though the calendar doesn't officially say so, summer has started at the VeStrands, and we are spending time at the pool almost every day. That means we are also spending lots of money on "Pool Snacks". The kids love it because they only get these treats during the summer for the pool, and they are only allowed to eat them at the pool; no "pool snacks" at home!!

Last week at Safeway, I found these Limited Edition Carnival Skittles and they are YUMMY!!! I did a quick google search and apparently, they are very hard to find (I even saw someone selling a bag on www.craigslist.com, if you happen to be in or near New Jersey!) so I snatched up another bag tonight while I was there.

The flavors are bubblegum (my favorite), cotton candy, candy apple, green slushy, and red licorice. I'm not a huge "regular" Skittles fan but these are good!! The only flavor they missed is "funnel cake" but I'm not so sure how that would taste as a Skittle!


Beckyb said...

Hmmm - haven't seen them out here but I would like to try them - I'm with you - not a normal Skittle lover, but those sound tasty!!!

Becky said...

Not a Skittles lover, and these just don't sound good to me. I'll just have to take your word for it.