Never a dull moment......

Because we don't have enough going on around here these days, it was especially exciting to have the phone ring last night and see "Shippensburg University" on the caller ID. Brooke is away at camp at Shippensburg this week and so I thought she was calling to say hello. As soon as I answered, though, I knew that wasn't the case. She was crying and said "Mom" then she handed the phone to someone else saying "You talk to her." Of course, my heart began pounding immediately.

One of the wonderful church youth sponsors came on and explained to me that they had been playing a game and one of the other kids had kicked a basketball into Brooke's right side at close range. She was initially having trouble breathing but that had calmed down. However, she was complaining of rib pain so they wanted to take her to the ER to make sure nothing was broken/bruised, etc.

We figured out all the details. They assured us we didn't need to come and they would keep us posted. A few hours later, Brooke called back, sounding much more like herself and told me that her ribs were just bruised and she was heading back to camp. Sigh of relief!!

That kid is an accident waiting to happen! I'm so glad she's okay though. Sawyer heard all the commotion and asked me what happened. I told him that Brooke had been hurt and made a sarcastic comment about how she is always getting hurt. Sawyer, in a totally deadpan voice, promptly said "Yeah, she keeps getting hurt and before we know it, she'll be dead."

And the love just flows at the VeStrands...........:-)


Beckyb said...

I LOVE that - how very "brotherly" of him!!!!

C.C. said...

Is Brooke my twin? I'm such a klutz and I'm constantly getting hurt. I bet she and I could share some stories. :-)

Adam said...

Brooke has no business being near an athletic field, court, or stadium.