Tuesday blessings.........

We had a lovely, unexpected blessing tonight! Dear friends from Michigan, Don and Jeanne Swem, called and we were able to spend a while chatting and catching up. Jeanne is one of my devoted regular readers, so I wanted to give her a "shout out" on here and tell her thanks for calling!

We first got to know Don and Jeanne when Jeff was in seminary and we began attending the same church in Grand Rapids. One Sunday after church, Jeff was sharing with someone that he was looking for a summer job. Don and Jeanne's son, Bill, overheard him talking and offered him a job on the spot. So, for the next three years, Jeff spent many hours holding keys in churches all over western Michigan while Bill tuned the pipe organ! What a blessing that was! Because of that job, Jeff finished seminary with no debt, and we shared some very special times with the Swems. They were truly a blessing to us when we were so far away from home with no family nearby.

Thanks for calling Jeanne! It was great to talk to you. Hello to all the Swems! We love you and miss you!

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Amy Lynn Swem said...

Hi Jen. This is Amy Swem. I love reading your blogs and remembering all the fun times with your kids.