Our week in review......

Tomorrow is Friday already!! YEAH!!! If you're interested even a little bit, here are some highlights (and lowlights, if you will) from our week.
  • No football game last week. Woo hoo!! (Did I just say that?) We enjoyed our day at home getting things done and not having to go anywhere. That rarely happens any more.
  • We enjoyed dinner out with some friends from our former church. It was great to see them and reconnect after a few months.
  • Somehow, while I was baking these, I hurt my back. Ouch!
  • I spent all day Sunday in bed with a heating pad and lots of Advil. That is until I found leftover Oxycodone from Brooke's finger surgery in March. Ohhh-it's good stuff!
  • Jeff was able to enjoy a Ravens game with a great friend at M&T Bank Stadium.
  • My back was much better by Tuesday.
  • I'm getting OLD!
  • Jeff's dad had a "heart episode" on Tuesday afternoon. After a very exciting helicopter ride, they determined that it wasn't a heart attack and no surgery was necessary, for which we are all very thankful.
  • Brooke was home sick on Tuesday. Sawyer was home with her, covered in some sort of appearing/disappearing rash that we never figured out. Thankfully, they're both feeling better.
  • I had coffee with and old friend and some new friends from our Mt. Airy community group. We had some great discussion and lots of fun! Thanks Steph, Nancy, and Jolene.
  • Brooke took her PSAT exams on Wednesday.
  • On Wednesday evening, Brooke and I, along with a friend and her mom, went to a christian college fair in Timonium.
  • College is EXPENSIVE!
  • The guy representing Cedarville was 4 years old when I graduated from there.
  • I'm getting OLD!
  • Our car problem last week turned out to be just a broken hubcap. We found a replacement on e-bay (where else??). Jeff put it on and, voila!, the mysterious squeaking is no more! YEAH!!
  • The warm and muggy weather is back this week. Where the heck is fall??
  • Tomorrow is a half-day of school and a dress down day! No lunches to make, no uniforms to iron and/or lay out tonight.
  • Not only do we have a football game this week but Jeff has to "move the chains" during the game and I have to work in the concession stand for the evening game. Blech!
  • On Sunday, Jeff and I will lead the kids in worship for the first time. We will be doing this each week during the 9:00 service downstairs when we aren't singing upstairs. It should be fun!
  • I lost my cell phone today somewhere between work and Wal-mart. Thankfully, we are due for new phones anyway so it shouldn't cost anything to replace it.
  • I'm getting OLD!

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Adam said...

If it happens again...www.hubcaps.org. You are getting old. Brooke taking the PSATs? I'm getting old too.