Great Finds....

A friend (thanks Steph!) recently suggested that I do some posts on items I have found that I really like or find very useful, etc. I will readily admit that I'm not much of a trailblazer, so most of my "great finds" were probably "found great" by someone before me, but I am happy to share some things that work for me in the hopes that some of you may find they work for you as well.

I have stated repeatedly (ad nauseum probably) that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fall and winter. I love the crisp air, dark evenings, and snow, such as it is here below the Mason-Dixon line. However, as much as I love the seasons, I most definitely do NOT like the dry skin and scaly feet that come with them. It has always boggled my mind how people are so worried about their feet in the summer. I guess it's because most people wear sandals, flip flops, etc. and want them to look good, which is a noble goal. Yet, I think there's not much worse than sliding into my preheated bed (thanks to that wonderful electric blanket) and feeling my feet "scrape" on those 400 thread-count sheets. Yuck! And I'm sure I can speak for Jeff when I say that he doesn't appreciate snuggling up to "scratchy feet" either.

So................I am extra careful to keep my feet moisturized, pumiced, "unscratchy", if you will, during the fall and winter months. And, while I love, love, love Bath and Body Works scents (mandarin orange for spring/summer and sensual amber for fall/winter), I have found that the general rule seems to be "the better it smells, the less moisturizing it is." What I have found are two creams that, although a little pricey, are definitely worth the few extra dollars for soft, smooth feet.

First, for overall moisturizing, my fav is Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Moisture Lotion. It's not greasy or slimy, and it really works. Of course you have to be diligent in applying it--just buying the bottle and looking at it on your bathroom shelf every day won't cut it--but it's great! Only two drawbacks: not only doesn't it smell pretty, it actually smells kinda sour. But I only notice that when it's coming out of the pump and not after it's on my skin. Secondly, it's a bit pricey, at $8-9 a bottle, but you can often find sales and/or coupons to help the budget a bit.

My second fav cream was a new discovery for me this year. And when I say "discovery", I mean "discovery". I searched high and low for this cream after reading rave reviews about it online. Turns out, I was looking in the creams/moisturizers and all the while, it was hiding in the foot care section. Novel idea. This little miracle tube is called Kerasal One-Step Exfoliating Moisture Therapy, and it does everything it promises to do. At least it did for me. Now if the bottoms of your feet/heels already feel like rough sandpaper, it may take a little longer but I think if you stick with it, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Again, this is pricey, around $9 for a small tube. But you only need a tiny bit each time, and it goes a long way. I have found that if I put on the Kerasal and then put socks on immediately, my feet are smooth as silk by the afternoon. And, I always rub the excess from my hands on my elbows! I figure it can't hurt!

So, there you have it. The first of (hopefully) many great finds posts. Let me know if you try these and they work for you! Your husband will thank you, I promise!


Adam said...

Thanks for the great hints.

Beckyb said...

What a great idea - see, I'm not the only one that puts lotion on every night - I've got to tell Joe - he thinks I'm loony!!!

Dave Baldwin said...

Hey Jen,
What a great idea and reccomendation! I wish I had known this the last time I was in Ukraine in the winter. My heels cracked and started to bleed. I went out to a local kiosk and bought some lotion. I would lotion up my heels before bedtime and wear socks to bed. It took days for them to heal.



PS: I like your blog