If you..........

Give a girl the need for seasonal decorations,
She'll go out to the garage to retrieve said decorations
And she'll see a few things that are out of place in the garage.

So she'll start condensing, reorganizing, and repositioning Rubbermaid containers
Then as she carries the festive red and green Rubbermaid into the house,
She'll realize she smells fabric softener coming out of the dryer vent.

So she'll go down the basement to move laundry into the dryer and start another load.
Then she'll spy the freezer and realize that she hasn't thought about dinner yet.
She'll grab something from the freezer and head upstairs as the phone rings.

So she'll grab the phone and try to be productive while chatting.
Which means that she'll hang up some wet laundry, straighten the basement,
And haul an overfull laundry basket of clean clothes upstairs to be folded.
While she's upstairs, she'll notice the boys' closet door is open.

So she'll go in to close it and see clothes strewn about.
She'll put dirty clothes down the laundry chute, pj's back in their proper spot,
And move the karaoke machine out of the middle of the floor.
Which will remind her about the Christmas CDs waiting to be unpacked.

So she'll head downstairs to the festive Rubbermaid container and begin unpacking.
As she carries the Christmas village into the living room, she'll notice the layer of dust
that needs to be removed from the front windowsill.
She'll grab the Pledge and dust rag and dust the windowsill, figuring while she's at it,
she might as well dust the whole living/dining room.
Then she'll notice that the drapes and lampshades seem dusty too.

So she'll haul out the vacuum cleaner, switch it on and notice it sounds kinda funny.
She'll realize that the vacuum cleaner bag reached its "full line" about two weeks ago.
So she'll change the bag and vacuum the entire downstairs, including drapes and lampshades.
Then she'll head back to the kitchen to look for the fake snow that goes under the village.
As she digs through the boxes, she'll find the wreath that hangs on the front door.

So she'll go outside to hang the wreath and realize that the "fall decorations" are still occupying the porch.
Since the "fall decorations" included mums and pumpkins, she'll head to the garage
to retrieve a yard waste bag for the Saturday pick up.
While she's in the garage, she'll notice lots of leaves on the floor.

So she'll grab the broom and sweep the garage and front porch.
Then she'll fill the yard waste bag with said leaves and mums and pumpkins.
While she's out there, she'll figure she might as well put up the small tree that adornes the front porch each Christmas.

So she'll head back to the garage to retrieve the tree from another festive Rubbermaid container.
And she'll hope that those Christmas decorations will be put up before the new year arrives.

My thanks to author, Laura Numeroff, for the inspiration.


steph said...

you're so funny...and creative! nothing in there about cookies...or muffins...not even about hershey nuggets!

C.C. said...

How very, very, very true!

Adam said...

I think you should have prefaced that with "if you give an ADD girl"...