Christmas on Cloverdale Court, Part I

We had a great Christmas!! My sister, Becky, and her husband and three kids were here with us for Christmas day and then we all headed to Pennsylvania on Wednesday to celebrate with my family. I will post some highlights and pictures from the holidays over the next few days. But tonight I had to share the BIG moment of Christmas 2007!

Brooke has officially been removed from "dork status" (her term) since Jeff and I caved and got her a cell phone for Christmas (pic below). She has been begging for a phone for at least three years, and we put it off as long as we could but finally decided this was the year! Since we knew this would probably be the most important moment of her life so far (in HER eyes anyway!), we wanted to do it up big. After all, we got the phone in October so we've had plenty of time to plot and plan!

We began to put our plan into action in late November when we gave Brooke a cell phone ornament for Christmas (pic below). We give the kids an ornament each year, and we told Brooke that we knew she wanted a phone for Christmas, so we got her one (picture below). Needless to say, she was not amused.

A few weeks ago Brooke and I had a conversation about her dire "need" for a cell phone. I kept up the ruse, telling her that she didn't need a phone, it was expensive, etc. and we would much rather give her something that would benefit her, like a book, for example. Again, she was not impressed.

But I decided to go with the book theme. So.........Jeff dug through his boxes of books and found the **perfect** tome for our purposes. It was a book by author Kevin Leman entitled, Smart Girls Don't and Guys Don't Either. This blog is family-friendly, so I'll let you figure out what the book is about (ahem). But suffice it to say, it's a topic that all fifteen-year old girls and guys could stand to hear about these days!! So.........Jeff spent precious time on Christmas eve carving a perfect phone-sized "crater" in the middle of another book he didn't want, and we just used the Leman book cover. (pic below) We wrapped it up, set Jeff's phone with Brooke's number, and saved that package for last.

As we finished opening presents on Christmas morning, it was obvious that Brooke was disappointed. She was hoping for that phone! Our plan was working perfectly!! As she opened the box and looked very perplexed about the book, Jeff called her phone. The "book" started ringing, and you can see her reaction in the pictures below!! It was great!!!

She has spent many hours playing with that thing, talking to friends, and downloading music since Christmas day. We are just so relieved that she's not a "dork" any more. Heaven forbid! How did all of us "dorks" ever survive without cell phones?????

More Christmas tomorrow!!


C.C. said...

Those pictures are priceless!!! Way to go for surprising her!

Beckyb said...

Very clever!! You guys are so smart!!

jodie said...

You two are soooo creative! ...from a recovering dork

Anonymous said...

We too surprised the girls with new cell phones for Christmas, although we weren't as creative as you guys! Their expressions were priceless too.....now to just get them to put them down =]

The Beckers

Lifelong Learners said...

How fun! Those pictures are great!

Rachel T.