For Grandma VeStrand

To most of you this won't be funny. But I know Grandma will appreciate it.

A little background: When Payton was 2-3 years old, he drank orange juice like it was going out of style. He loved it! However, he hated the pulp. I always bought the juice without pulp, but Grandma and Grandpa VeStrand enjoy some pulp in their OJ. So, when we visited New York, Grandma or I would painstakingly strain her juice through a paper towel so all the pulp would be removed. (The things we do for our kids!) This may not seem very funny; however, Payton was very adamant that his orange juice could have no "poop" in it and we wanted to keep him happy with no "poop" in his juice, so we strained it.

Fast forward about seven years. Last night, I was pouring Sawyer a glass of orange juice. As I was handing him the cup, he said "Mom, this doesn't have any 'porp' in it, does it? Because Grandma's juice had 'porp' in it, and I don't like 'porp.'"

Evidently, pulp is a hard concept for my boys to grasp! We love you (and your OJ!) Grandma!

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Lifelong Learners said...

We appreciate this! Our OJ isn't allowed to have "hairs." :-)