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Yesterday, Payton and Jeff were having their almost daily discussion about where Payton will go to college. (This usually depends upon which sport is in season, which team is doing well in that sport, and where the star player of that sport went to college.) The "discussion" is pretty much an endless list of questions from Payton about what he should be when he grows up, what the college's mascot is, what their team colors are, you know, important things that all life-changing decisions should be based upon.

Anyway, Sawyer was evidently listening intently while seeming to be engrossed in his Gameboy. With a large sigh, he said very matter of factly:

I don't care where I go college. All I know is that when I grow up, I want to be an adult!

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Mom said...

Me neither,Sawyer. If Jeff ever gets stuck on that information, you know who to call.