Our resident poet....

Sydney recently had an English assignment to write a poem. We thought she did a great job! And so did her teacher. She received a 100 percent (no small feat in this class, I assure you!) I thought you might enjoy reading it.

Her fur is soft like a cottonball
In the morning, she waits for me in the hall
The bell around her neck goes ring, ding, ding
When she runs, her collar sings
She sits in the window looking outside
Wishing she could have an adventure far and wide
She's so cute with her long, white whiskers
I'm glad she's mine and not my sister's!


Becky said...

That's terrific! I love it. The last line is my favorite.

steph said...

love the last line too!

Mom said...

Good going Sydney. The last line makes the poem. Great work. See you soon. Love, Grammy