More CVS goodness.....

If you enjoy scrapbooking (I don't) or if you just enjoy having lots of pictures that must be organized and stored(I don't), then this deal is for you! I personally keep mine on discs but if you want 95 actual photographs, here you go!! Have fun! (This will only work if you haven't signed up for the CVS photo center online previously.)

Follow these steps to get 95 free photo prints....

1. At the CVS Photo Center click on "Start Now" to create an account with your email address and ExtraCare Number.
2. CVS will instantly send you an email link to click and will credit you with 50 free photos.
3. Next, fill out this survey to receive an additional 20 photos free. (You will need to come back to this link and click it.)
4. Under the "Order Prints"section (you may have to upload a photo to get to this page), click on "Do More with Your Photos" on the right side of the screen. Then another 10 prints will be credited to your account.
5. Once you are signed up, order a few (I only ordered 1) of your free prints and include the code 15FREE for an additional 15 free prints.

I did this myself and it worked fine. I ordered one print and have 94 free prints sitting in my account mocking me. Although I will say that the website is not the easiest to navigate, in my opinion. Also, it took maybe 5 minutes for CVS to send me the e-mail link for the 50 free photos. It definitely wasn't "instantly".

Also, for those of you in Mt. Airy, it's store number #1446. (You will need your store number for the survey.) For those of you elsewhere, the store number should be on your receipt somewhere or just give them a call. (Hopefully, the person you reach will be a bit "brighter" than the girl I spoke to, who proceeded to give me the store's phone number, which I, obviously, had just called. After all, I was speaking to her on the TELEPHONE.)

Now, off with you, go get those free prints!!


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