Day 10

It's Sydney's job to keep track of the cat litter and empty/refill as needed. The other day, after she had encountered some particular unpleasantness in the litter box, she felt led to share all the gorry details with her brothers---around the lunch table of course.


Sydney: Pixie (cat) must have had diarrhea or something because the litter box was GROSS!
Sawyer: Well, maybe she's constipated.
Payton: No silly. Diarrhea is when it all comes out. Constipation is when it can't come out.

I am so glad we cleared up that misunderstanding........

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Laurel said...

Well, that is a very important concept to be clear on. At least since becoming a mother. I can't tell you how many conversations I have had about poop. The solid waste people have nothing on me. Or probably you either. :0)