Day 16

Do ya ever wonder what people were thinking (or smoking?) when they chose their children's names? I mean when were "Gamble Moore" and "Lust T. Garten" ever acceptable? And what about those people who are so terribly uncreative that they just use the poor kid's last name as his first name too? Surely you all know some Bill Williams' or Steve Stephens' or even Tom Thomas'. What's up with that?

Go here to read the most humiliating baby names of all time. At least according to ancestry.com. And if you know anyone with an interesting name or perhaps you've bestowed one of those "interesting" names, be sure to leave a comment! We'd love to make fun of you, I mean hear from you! ahem.......

Of course, I'm sure you're all interested to hear how we chose our own childrens' names.

Brooke Ashleigh - We just liked it. I don't remember seriously discussing any other girl's name. It was always Brooke. We chose to spell Ashleigh differently just because it was so common at the time, and I thought it was prettier that way. My mom wanted to name me Brooke but my dad strongly disagreed, so she was thrilled when we chose Brooke.

Sydney Paige - Sydney is named because Jeff and I started to date while we were traveling in Australia. We actually considered Sydney for Brooke's middle name but wanted to save it in case we had another girl, and I'm glad we did! We chose Paige just because we liked it and it went well with Sydney.

Payton Noah - While I was pregnant with Payton, Jeff and I took a trip to historic Williamsburg. There was a beautiful house there called the Peyton Randolph house, and Mr. Randolph was a pretty cool guy. We both loved the name! We picked the "masculine" spelling for obvious reasons although I have found since that spelling doesn't mean a blessed thing. His name was Payton Matthew until about a week before he was born. We had always liked Noah for a first name but didn't think it went well with Brooke and Sydney so, at the last minute, we made Noah Payton's middle name.

Sawyer Christian - Sawyer was a close second for Payton's name so when we found out we were having another boy, we didn't have to think long about his name! We never considered anything else. Christian was a name I always liked for a first name but never wanted to have shortened to Chris. So it worked perfect for Sawyer's middle name.

Now I will attempt to answer some of the inevitable questions regarding our children's names.

1. No, none of them are family names. We just liked them, if you can imagine that!
2. Brooke and Sydney are girls; Payton and Sawyer are boys.
3. No we did not start to date by a "Brooke" in Sydney.
4. Yes, Brooke has an "e" on the end.
5. Sydney is spelled with a "y", not an "i".
6. Payton is spelled with an "a" not an "e".
7. No, he is not named after Peyton Manning.
8. Sawyer is spelled just like "Tom Sawyer", not Soyer.
9. No, to my knowledge, Sawyer does not have a friend named Huck Finn.

I think that about covers it. More on names tomorrow..........


The Thomsons said...

Never heard if it is actually true, but there was a rumor about someone naming their daughter
"Ima Pig". Isn't that MEAN???

Maggie T. & Co.

Anonymous said...

Man, I thought "Tamera" was rough growing up. In actuality, I wanted to name Katie "Lizzie Passion" after the lady that brought my Mom's side of the family from Norway. I found it on her tombstone and LOVED it. Needless to say, Jeff overruled me. Probably a good thing.

julie_blauwkamp said...

I lOVE the creativity in your naming and I'm sure you're kids are glad you didn't name them something like "fanny rumbottom" or Ignatius Preston Freeley (do the first initials!)

if we get a boy- I want to name in Kooper (Koop is a family name on Ross's side) but it got vetoed b/c ross thinks he'll be called "kooper pooper skooper!"


Laurel said...

Okay, the worst name I've ever heard: My friend was in law school and one of his classmates announced that his wife had just had a baby girl and they named her "Vajenna." I guess they were trying to get creative and combine two family names: Virginia and Jennifer. But c'com! My friend quickly quipped. If she has a brother do you think they'll name him Pennis?

By the way, I think your kids' names are adorable.

Maggie said...

My mother intended to name me Meadow Day Star but said she knew my grandmother would not approve. My birth name is still ridiculous though because its really long. When they went to write my name on my marriage licence in the space provided they had to try 3 times until she could manage to squeeze it all in.