Day 28

Pretty quiet Saturday around our house today. We are enjoying the open windows and warm weather and trying to get some stuff done around here. Jeff is cutting the lawn and trimming bushes. I went to buy some hanging plants but came home empty-handed when the nice lady at the greenhouse told me it was really a few weeks too early yet. Tonight we have church and then Jeff and I are going out to dinner with the young mom that I am mentoring and her husband. That will be fun!

Because our life isn't stressful enough, the neighbors across the cul-de-sac put their house up for sale on Thursday. Their house is different and bigger than ours so we didn't anticipate much competition from them but apparently they have already bought and settled on a house in Colorado so their house is priced to sell. They are having an open house tomorrow and so, naturally, we have to have one too. Have I mentioned that I hate open houses? We'll see what happens. Hopefully, we'll at least get some traffic through here. And, you never know, despite what all the realtors say (that houses never sell as a result of open houses), our friends' house sold this week after their open house last Sunday. Maybe we will have some news of our own this time next week. (I'm working on my positive thinking.)

Thankfully, it's not raining today like they predicted. Payton is at a church retreat, and they were spending the day here. Rain would have definitely "dampened" their plans so I hope they are having a great time. His hand is doing fine. Hasn't slowed him down one bit--in fact, he already popped one stitch out on Thursday. If he keeps this up, I won't have to take him in to have them removed!

Finally, if you want some laughs today, go check out this site. If you haven't been a believer since you were four years old (like me!), it may not be quite as funny to you as it was to me but I laughed and laughed. Much truth is told in jest, you know!

See you tomorrow!

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U.N. Mama said...

I absolutely can't wait to get some color in the form of plants around here! This has been one long winter!