Day 30

It's been 21 years since Jeff and I first got our passports to travel to Australia. The Australia stamp is the only stamp in them--we aren't exactly world travelers. But, that's about to change, for Jeff at least.

Recently, two men in our church leadership approached Jeff and asked him to consider being part of a fact-finding trip to Morocco. Our church supports missionaries in Morocco and each summer, in their town, they have an outdoor music festival at which you can perform any style of music. Since Morocco is an otherwise closed country, this is an amazing opportunity to spread the gospel and evangelize through music. So it looks like there will be five or six guys going to check things out and see about the feasibility of sending part of our church worship team over there next summer to perform in the music festival. It's very exciting! I will certainly miss Jeff but I am thrilled for him to have this opportunity.

So tomorrow he heads to the post office for his passport appointment. Things sure are complicated since 9/11. Right now, he's on the phone with his mom finding out where his mom and dad were born! I'm not sure why that's pertinent information for a passport but we are just following the rules. Although I will admit that something about having the nice post office lady making you take an oath that you are who you say you are is a bit unsettling. Hello-she's a post office clerk in Reisterstown, Maryland????

Incidentally, they will spend day a day or two in Casablanca. I will admit I'm a teensy-weensy bit jealous about that. I'll be home with four kids who have just been released from school and are bonkers with summer freedom. Jeff will be in Casablanca. Life just isn't fair.........

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