Day 38

I realized yesterday that I've been kinda whiney and critical lately. So I thought it would be good for me to list some things that I'm thankful for. You all know that I'm thankful for the usual things--my salvation, my husband and kids, my health--so I thought I would choose some more unusual things for which we might not always remember to be thankful.
  • Tulips. I love, love, love tulips, and they remind me of Michigan, which I still miss lots. I just wish they lasted longer.
  • Salted party peanuts. I inherited this love of peanuts from my daddy. I can polish off a quite a few of these very quickly.
  • Dishwashers. I wouldn't want to live without mine.
  • Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom scent. In a word, YUM!
  • Lost. It's back this week! Yeah!
  • Six wonderful years of friendship with my dear friend, Steph.
  • Webcams, cell phones, and e-mail so Steph and I can keep in close contact even after she moves.
  • Several very kind compliments about my kids over the past week. Maybe we are doing something right.
  • Rubbermaid containers. What would I do without them?
  • No more homework or packing lunches in just a few weeks!!
  • And one more -- I'm thankful the Pennsylvania primaries will be over today! I'm so tired of hearing about them.
So, care to share some "unusual" things you are thankful for? Leave a comment and share them with us. Have a thankful Tuesday!


Marzola Happenings said...

ahhh...what am i thankful for that might be unusual?

-friends that like to enjoy 'lame' movies with me. ;)

-mountain dew

-new Office episodes

-6 more weeks of school!

-3 perfect songs in row on the radio!

-effecient washing machine and dryer

-cashews and craisins

-jen vestrand's daily blogs! (love em!)

-the strength to deal with obnoxious moms

-guitar hero

ok, i will stop now. the list could go on and on. enjoy your day!

Kathi said...

Your daily blogs! They start my day off with a smile. :)

I'm also thankful that I wasn't awake at 3:29AM.....why were you??

Laurel said...

Hey, frankly I liked your "It's My Fault" post. It didn't sound whiny at all. In fact I could relate to almost every line, and I don't know a mother who can't. Thanks for keeping it real!

As for things I'm grateful for:
1. The backrub Mr. Wicke gave me for no particular reason.

2. Blogger friends.

3. Fresh mozzerella, tomato, and basil sandwiches.

4. Costco's rosemary bread.

5. DVR

6. Good books.

7. Pullups

8. Spring

Kathi said...

Jen....this is a belated comment...you are gonna love my upcoming change on my blog. That's all I can say for now. Keep checking. K