Day 62-#2

It's a cold and rainy Friday night. Brooke is off to hang out with some church friends, and Payton is spending the night with a friend from school. Tomorrow, Jeff is taking the kids to see Prince Caspian. I will enjoy a quiet afternoon at home, as Narnia is definitely not my "cup of tea".

A few updates:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my crocs. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I just wish they came in more colors. I mean, what's up with "peacock blue" and "grape"?

Thanks for praying for me on Wednesday night. It didn't go like I'd planned, but I hope the moms were encouraged.

We had a showing yesterday. Bet ya can't guess what they didn't like?? Oh come on! Guess!!

Because life isn't exciting enough, another neighbor (this would be the third) put their house up for sale on Wednesday. Evidently, we are helping to sell every home in the neighborhood except our own. Maybe we should start collecting a commission on all these sales!

We are having an open house on Sunday. Because we enjoy torturing ourselves. At least this time, we will hang out with friends and enjoy ourselves while our house isn't selling! Thanks Greg and Kari!

Did you watch The Office last night? It was hilarious! Looking forward to the webisodes over the summer. Lost is on the Tivo so we'll have to watch that tonight.

See you tomorrow!


Rachel said...

We all watched "Prince Caspian" today! It was different than the book (surprise, surprise) but it was enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Taylor and I saw "Caspian" tonight - I enjoyed it - liked "Lion, Witch and Wardrobe" a bit better (probably because I remember THAT book, but not the P.C. book). I read Jeff your comment about the house showing - he told me that he'd love a cemetery in the backyard - they're the perfect neighbors! Hope the showing goes well on Sunday.