Day 65

Ever dream of being a doctor and performing complicated surgeries that could change people's lives for the better? Well, with this website you can get a small taste of what that might have felt like (unless of course you really DO perform these surgeries on a regular basis.).

(Choose a surgery from the left hand column.)

My kids have been doing hip replacements and knee surgeries all weekend and having a blast! The website actually has quite a few fun activities. Go check it out!


Steph said...

my kids too! must be the new craze going around school...

Kim said...

Hi, jen...I'm so glad you are reading Respectable Sins...yes, it is very convicting...well, it has been for me.

I know you are a Cedarville grad...so I wanted to ask you about what I am hearing about some recent changes at Cedarville...they are becoming less conservative...have you heard about that? There was an article in World Magazine.