Day 68

Sometimes there just aren't words.

We saw them in concert in March. They were amazing. I know they would appreciate our prayers. Makes our passport problems seem very small.


Kathi said...

I just heard the news this morning on the radio. My heart breaks for his family.

I am praying.

Kim said...

My husband called me about this on his way to work. I was speechless. The poor brother. I think of my oldest and her sweet heart towards her siblings. I can't bear it.

I try to remember something I read from Elisabeth Elliot..."there is no grace for our imaginations."

His grace is so sufficient and certainly being poured over this family.

Lady in Waiting said...

I know - I heard this too - I have been so heartbroken for them - I can not even imagine!

Tamera said...

Jeff woke me up around 1 a.m. (yes, I was sleeping - he was not) and told me the tragic news. Having a teen son (that drives a big SUV) I can't even imagine the pain and self-driven guilt he feels. wow. You a right, my problems today are mighty small.

I love the Elisabeth Elliot quote from Kim.