Day 82

Can anyone answer this question?

Why is it that I can find all kind of fun, trendy, hip clothes for girls that are "Big and Bubbly", "Alluringly Ample", and "Pleasantly Portly" but NOTHING. NOT. ONE. FUN. THING. that fits properly for my kid who will only eat one brand of hot dogs (no bun, thank you very much), string cheese, and pizza with absolutely, positively NO chunks of tomato in the sauce? And that's on a good day.

MY. KID. IS. SKINNY. In a concentration camp sort of way. In fact both of her younger brothers outweigh her by at least five pounds. But she still enjoys dressing in the current styles. Why is it that we can make concessions for all those kids who eat too much but make no concessions for all those kids who don't/won't eat anything at all? And don't tell me about those adjustable waist things. Yes, they are fine. Until they disappear forever into the waistband of the pants, never to be found again. Or until they are hanging out over the front of the waistband because she's so skinny that they are "adjusted" to the tenth slit and won't stay tucked into her pants.

And, no, suspenders aren't an option either.

Feel free to comment using proper spelling and grammar. You guys think you are sooo funny, don't you?


Rachel said...

...Or, as you get into the junior department, everything is too tight, too ugly, and too immodest! Maggie and I have had a terrible time this year finding stuff to wear.

Mom said...

What she needs is a grandmother who can sew. Then she needs to visit her for a while so they can pick out what she likes and get working on it. Maybe she can even learn to make her own things!
Hope the grammar is okay.

Adam said...

Grammy sews?

Michelle said...

We need to start an online store for skinny kids...seriously! My 10 year old can't seem to clear 60 lbs. Her 8 year old sister outweighs her by 20+ lbs. Clothes are an issue here too. Everything that fits lengthwise is HUGE in the waist, and things that fit around are floods in length. We do lots of capris for her! She's a size 6-6X through the middle, but a 12-14 in length. What's a frustrated mom to do?

Amy said...

My 12 year old weighs in at 59 pounds. She can still wear size 6X capris and shorts. I am buying size 8 just because it seems ridiculous for a 12 year old to wear a 6X. Jeans/pants are an issue with length/waist size not working for her. We need help, too!