Day 83

Well, another year of school is behind us! Today is the last day! No more homework, no more projects, NO MORE PACKING LUNCHES!!!!! I think I hate packing lunches almost more than I hate open houses! Jeff is wrapping up his grading/report cards and heads to Morocco tomorrow. Throw in a graduation party and a birthday party and it's going to be a busy weekend! Hope yours is good!


Amy said...

Lucky! My kids have 2 more half days left next week. Pointless.

I too have been counting down the days till packing luches was over with for a while. Definitely one of the very worst things about school.

Kim said...

YIPEE FOR YA'LL! I hated packing lunches too! Isn't that funny? It isn't this terribly difficult job, but man, I had some serious hate for that task :)

Have a wonderful summer!!! We are headed to the pool today since Virginia is ON FIRE! Have you seen the weather? It's startin' to feel like Texas around here.

That husband of yours isn't wasting any time is he??? Prayers for a safe journey and God's glory!