Day 91

Just a few pictures from our week at Club Knorr. It was great to see my family--the only thing missing was the Michigan contingent! But we look forward to seeing them in a few weeks too.

Jeff made it home safely and we were all very happy to see him. He hasn't stopped talking since he got home, and we are enjoying all his stories! Sounds like they had a great week! Now it's back to the grind--although thankfully the "grind" is a bit slower in the summer.

Chase, Garrett, Sawyer, Sydney, Taylor, and Payton waiting to jump in!

Sawyer, Sydney, Garrett, Taylor, and Chase playing a rousing game of Life!

Taylor and Payton ready for a challenge on the River Rat.

Chase and Garrett taking their turn on the River Rat.

Addison perfected his diving board jumps!

Sawyer being silly on the diving board.

Sydney's turn on/off the diving board.

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Sandy said...

It is very easy to see the joy that your family shares when you are together!