Day 93

ummm.....has anyone noticed that we are just seven, count 'em SEVEN, days away from the end of this crazy 100 day blog posting challenge! Well, I sure haven't forgotten. And, admittedly, the posts have been a little "dry" for the past two weeks, as I am running out of creative steam, so you are all probably ready for it to be over too!

However, we cannot end 100 straight days of blogging without some sort of celebration! So....to celebrate our feat (my writing and your reading!), we will have our first ever "Peace in the Pandemonium" bloggy giveaway. I have been mulling over this for a few weeks now and have decided that the best thing to giveaway would be "a few of my favorite things." Now, I can't tell you what those would be (that would spoil the fun, wouldn't it) but, rest assured, it will be GOOD!

So, stay tuned for entry rules and giveaway requirements. And, yes, there will be rules and requirements. I can't just let you post a lame comment in the hopes that you might snag some of my favorite things. Heck no! I intend to make you work for it! Well, "work" might be a little strong but it will require a small bit of effort on your part. And, stop whining, I've been writing for 100 days, the least you can do is try to win something. Good grief!

In other news, Jeff is almost fully recovered from his jet lag. We are having some problems with his camera and downloading his pictures, but as soon as we get that figured out, I will post some of them.

The house is still for sale. We have had quite a few showings in the past two weeks--three of them very promising--but no one is in quite the hurry that we are so nothing is happening very quickly. We do appreciate your prayers and all of you that ask us how it's going. I would promise to keep you posted but it's safe to say that if the heavens open one quiet afternoon and you hear the angels rejoicing and the trumpets playing, our house has sold! I think the entire county will hear us screaming for joy!

Finally, please continue to pray for Nate and Tricia. They are supposed to get the final word today but the doctors felt that the growths in her lung were cancerous. I know they would appreciate your prayers and support! (I was thrilled to get a personal "thank you" from Nate in the comments section of my first post about their story. True to his word, he is thanking everyone who has prayed for them and shared their story!)
Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the bloggy giveaway! I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past 93 days.

Marzola Happenings said...

i have noticed that you are almost finished with your challenge and honestly, i am disappointed. I enjoy and look forward to reading your blogs. ;)
now i look forward to bloggy giveaways!! woohoo! fun!!!!!

Gail said...

OK Oprah! I am up for the bloggy giveaway of your favorite things challenge. Unless of course relatives are not eligible. (Thanks for your help!)

UM...Miss Grammar/Word Police... "bloggy" doesn't pass the ol' spell check!

Jody said...

Only one week left!! It's been great reading what's going on with you all.

shaninvb said...

I, too, will miss your daily blogs. I love seeing the spark in your personality! You make me laugh and think about things. shanin

Denise said...

I look forward to reading your blog entries. I might not make it here every day but I go back and see what I've missed. LOL!! I love your sense of humor. Still praying for the "right" person to come along and buy your home. Denise

MilePost13 said...

Thank you again!