Day 99

..........something I'm not doing such a good job of these days. How about you?


Marzola Happenings said...

sister-I know what you mean! Thanks AGAIN for the encouragement. :) Hope all went well today. i am praying for ya.

p.s. hope your 'birthday' was really nice. haha

Jessica said...

i learned the true meaning of this verse over the past week. i have been slowly killing myself with the speed at which i'm living life; but i read a book recently called Messy Spirituality by mike yanconelli, and he writes,

"Speed damages our souls because living fast consumes every ounce of our energy. Speed has a deafening roar that drowns out the whispering voices of our souls and leaves Jesus as a diminishing speck in the rearview mirror."

needless to say, i'm learning that rest and silence are necessary to live. best of luck to you with everything; let me know how it goes!