We Have a Winner!!!!

Last night, in a carefully orchestrated and very technical selection process, we chose a winner for the bloggy giveaway.

First, we ripped a piece of scrap paper into little pieces and wrote one name on each piece. Then we skillfully folded them in half and placed them in the very cool bloggy giveaway prize box.
Sawyer used all of his massive strength and skill to shake those names up but good.

Then he closed his eyes ever so tightly and slowly and methodically chose one piece of paper.

And the winner is...............


Yeah!! I dearly love and appreciate all of you who read (and lurk) who I have the privilege of knowing in person. But I think it's so fun that Michelle won! If I remember correctly, Michelle clicked on my blog from blogger.com and the rest, as they say, is history! Very fun!

Michelle, please e-mail me at vestrands@verizon.net with your address so I can get the package in the mail to you right away. Once I know that Michelle has received her prize, I will post about what was included.

Thanks to all of you for participating. This was fun! We'll do it again sometime.


Marzola Happenings said...

congratulations to michelle!! I am sure she will LOVE her bloggy giveaway. :)
I am still thankful for the DVR and for common sense though. lol
just thought you might want to know that. :)

Anonymous said...

Who is the runner up (waiting in case Michelle opts not to claim her prize)? Wait, don't answer...