Not me Monday.......

Once again, I did NOT DO quite a few things this past week. Not me. Not at all.
  • I did not obsess off and on all week long about how "Not me." is completely and totally improper grammar and should properly read "Not I."
  • I did not allow my children to retrieve from the hamper and then wear in public dirty clothes that were piling up. That would mean I don't have my laundry system for the new house totally down quite yet. Nope. Not me.
  • I did not shamelessly hang certain "unmentionables" out on the drying rack on the deck, much to the horror of my children (and my own amusement!). That would mean I didn't care a lick what the new neighbors might see. Nope. Not me.
  • I most definitely did not, on my way in from "displaying" the aforementioned unmentionables, totally trip, fall through the screen door, and land flat on my face on the kitchen floor. That would mean I am klutzy and ungraceful. Nope. Not me, errr.... I.
  • I did not waste five long minutes in a torrential downpour trying to figure out why the gas pump would not accept my BJs card. Nor did I angrily run across the BJs parking lot in said torrential downpour to ask the attendant what the heck was going on, only to find out that I was trying to slide my membership card in the debit/credit card slot. That would mean I am just plain stupid--in a very wet shirt, nonetheless. Nope. NOT I.
  • I certainly did not go see the cheesiest movie of all time Nights of Rodanthe. That would mean I have poor judgment. The company was totally worth it (Thanks, Kari!) but the movie......not so much.
  • I most definitely did not utter the words "I love my microwave." That would just mean I need a life.
Nope. Not I.


Marzola Happenings said...

you are right...the movie was completely CHEESY!!! but the company was great! even the 'whiners' behind us. hehe

Kathi said...

Ha! Ha! You are too funny Jen. I love that you can't stand the incorrect grammar!!!

Jill said...

You are so funny! Enjoy reading your blog.