Saturday Linkage....

Okay, now that I've totally creeped you all out with that strange partial upper body/co-sleeper/fake mate thingamajig, I figured I should be a little more serious today.

These are some very fun sites I've found as I've zipped around the worldwide web in ALL of my spare time these days! Enjoy!!

The pictures on this blog are worth a million words--even though most of the words are in Norwegian--I think. (Seriously, are there ANY vowels in that language??) Be sure to scroll down.

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that fall is my very favorite season. This lady does an amazing job decorating her home for fall. Look at these!! Aren't they adorable?? Even I, who cannot abide clutter in any way, shape, or form, decorate for fall. Can't wait to drag everything out at the new house!

I think I will be purchasing my very own housewarming gift (or that's what I'm telling Jeff anyway!) from here! Love it!

We've been getting in touch with our creative sides at this site as the kids are deciding what colors they want to paint their new bedrooms. It's very cool!

And, finally, so much for being serious, but this site is lots of fun when you are sitting around in your down time playing with a digital photo of yourself! Come on, we all KNOW, you so do that!


Steph said...

I did the yearbook one last night, with my picture and then with bruce's, and I pretty much had every haircut that they gave me during the year it said for the
70's on up...looked as hideous today as it did then!

Tamera said...

For your housewarming - have you checked out Uppercase Living? They do (for lack of better terms) wall decals. Sounds cheesy, but very classy looking.

Loved the foreign site - beautiful, beautiful and again, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I wish my home looked like the Norwegian woman's!...it is beautiful! (Course, I could never keep all that WHITE everywhere clean for more than an afternoon!)